The Mobile Unit Will Come to You or Drop Them at Our Shop

Blast Monkey of KC Truck and Blasting Machine mobile unit

At Blast Monkey KC we remove:

  • baked on paint
  • dirt
  • grease
  • mildew
  • oil
  • other contaminants
  • plaster
  • remove powder coating
  • rust removal
  • years of built-up grime

Proper surface preparation is the key to a smooth, professional-looking finish. A coating is only as good as the prep work under the surface.

Did you know that 80% of all coatings failures are directly related to inadequate surface preparation, as that affects the coating adhesion?

In some cases we'll strip objects down to bare metal or to their natural state.  In other situations we use other techniques depending on the material.  It helps to know how you intend to treat the finish, as we may:

*etch blast  *brush blast or  *sweep blast your item, so your coating will adhere better.

Our blasting techniques: 

  • do not warp metal
  • will not damage moving parts 
  • will prep surfaces for final finish (if applicable)

We know what media is best to blast each surface to remove paint, rust, and other substances, and make it look beautiful again.


  • Brick
  • Cast Iron
  • Concrete
  • Marble
  • Plastic
  • Sheet Metal
  • Steel
  • Stone
  • Wood (stain only, not paint)
  • Wrought Iron

Environmentally Conscious:

We use toxic-free, chemical-free media; perfect for places with strict rules and regulations.


It's impossible to give a blanket price by item.  

Each piece varies, based on the type and number of paint layers, epoxy, rust or other substances beneath the surface.

Estimates are given on a case by case situation.  

We base the cost on the time it actually takes to blast your item to satisfaction.

If you're considering a project in the future, we are Kansas City’s one-stop-shop for all your paint and rust removal needs.

Simply call or text us for an estimate!

Or for Faster Response, text Leslie at: 816-468-3400 about your project, include:

  • Your 1st & last name
  • Item to be blasted
  • Dimensions
  • Send several clear images of ONLY what needs blasting. Please don't send pics with lots of other items in the picture.
  • Also say in text what you want blasted. Example: Vehicle Interior, exterior, or underneath, etc. 
  • Send your address ONLY if you're needing the mobile unit to come to you (houses or building) that can't be moved..
  • Leslie will ask questions if necessary, then send you an estimate ASAP!

If your item is fixed in place, like a house or a building, you will need to schedule the mobile unit to come to you!  If it's at all possible to drop your project at our shop, you will save money!

Absolutely the Faster, Cleaner, Greener way to blast! 

Contact Leslie today at Blast Monkey KC (816) 468-3400

Blast Monkey of KC Fully Licensed and Insured

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