Blasting the Rust and Paint from a Hammer Mill in Kansas City

Sandblasting a Glider with Crushed Glass Media in Kansas City

Blasting A Front Porch Glider

Blasting Paint and Rust from Go Cart Frame

Blasting Cast Iron Eagle Yard Decoration

Paint & Rust removed from 1961 Scout Camper Trailer

Paint & Rust removed 61 Scout Camper Trailer

Removed Baked on Paint from Smoker Grille

Removed baked on paint from Smoker Grille

Blasted Rust from Burn Barrel to Keep Holes from Forming

Blasting the rust off of our burn barrel, keep rust from spreading and holes forming.

Rust Blasted from Lawn mower Plate

Rust Blasted from Lawn mower Plate

Paint Removed from Window Cleaning Tools

paint rust removal from Window Cleaning equipment

Paint Removed from Wood Burning Stove

Paint Blasted from Wood Burning Stove Blast Monkey of KC
Blast Monkey of KC Fully Licensed and Insured